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Mobidaze Limited are U.K based mobile app developers.  We pride ourselves in delivering an engaging mobile experience for your brand.  Customer satisfaction is paramount to ensure that you, our customer, and your customers can make the most of the experience.  Download any of our live apps on iOS or Android and have a play!

Mobidaze Limited have developed and published smartphone and tablet apps for nearly 150 satisfied customers so you know you are in good hands.  Our customers include Museums, Estate Agents, Recruitment Consultants, Restaurants, Concierge Services and Sporting Clubs.  If you would like to enjoy the benefits a mobile app can bring to your business we would love to hear from you!





How will a mobile app help my business?

Push Notifications

With a website you always need to wait for your customers to visit you.  As an app is installed on your customers device you can reach out to them with important updates and offers.  Imagine how you could benefit from instantly connecting with your customers anytime you wish!

Online Shopping & Ordering

Over 50% of all online traffic is now on mobile devices.  If you are a shop Mobidaze can build a full online store into your app or if you are a restaurant we will build in your complete menu and your customers can order their takeaway or delivery.

Customer Loyalty & Rewards

No more need for paper loyalty cards.  These get lost and left at home!  Mobidaze will build a loyalty and reward scheme into your app meaning that it is always with your customer.  Customers can even check into your business via GPS to add their own points.



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Are You Still Here?

You have reached the bottom of our home page.  Thank you for staying with us!  Our guess is that you must be very interested in the difference an app can make for your business.  Please click here and send us a message.  We look forward to hearing from you.