• How will an app benefit your business?

  • Why Should I purchase and app & mobile website from Mobidaze?

  • Our app is simple to use and has all the features your customers expect, and your business requires.  Our CMS requires no special training or software skills.  Just give us the go ahead and give your business a mobile advantage.

    Whether you own or manage a fine dining restaurant or a more casual establishment, the Mobidaze platform is the solution for you. Recruitment Consultants, Estate Agents, Visitor Attractions, Travel Guides, Spa's, Hairdressing Salons - go mobile and empower your business to reach more customers. 

    Benefit from the possibilities that a Mobidaze solution can offer your business.  Your custom app combined with our easy to use CMS (content management system) enables your business to unleash the benefits of mobile marketing within 2-4 weeks.

  • How is Mobidaze different to other App Development Companies?

  • Beautiful Design. Our extensive expertise in designing for mobile mean we can deliver a beautiful mobile experience for your brand and customers.

    Low Cost.  Mobidaze offer the most cost effective solution available today.

    You are in Control - You have full access to the Mobidaze CMS interface, enabling you to send your customers push messages, offers and information on upcoming events any time you want.  No special software knowledge or skills required.

    App Performance - Our analytics keep you informed on how well your Mobidaze app is performing for your business.

  • Contact us now! .... Let us deliver your branded demo to you in days

  • We can deliver a branded demo straight to your device in a couple of days for you to preview on iPhone or Android. This will enable you to get the look and feel of how a branded app for your company will work, and show the features your app can contain.  Your friends and colleagues can also download the preview app allowing them to give feedback and make suggestions.